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Emalux - Wash, Scrub or Hose Down - Ideal for Schools 

USES OF: Emalux has no joints, it is hard, impervious to dirt. It can be washed, scrubbed or hosed down but generally it requires no more than a rub of a damp cloth. These are just some of the reasons why it is widely used in schools as well as in many other types of building.

NATURE OFEmalux is an internationally known permanent glazed wall finish. Its basic constituents are Portland Cement with addition of organic hardening agents and colourfast pigments. The application of EMALUX is a skilled operation involving the progressive build-up of the surface in a series of operations.

PREPARATION OF: The preparation of EMALUX is simple. We require a sand and cement screed, mixed 3-1 and finished without a nap. This should leave a sandpaper like finish. All arrises should be left pencil round. Before specifying EMALUX to any other backing our advice should be sought. See also EMALUX on blockwork - ref. 14.

TESTS: Summary of Test R6/1339 carried out by the Institute of Industrial Research and Standards:

  • Resistance - to 2.5% continuous Salt Spray - result after 250 hours - the film was hard and firm ; there was no visual loss in gloss and the colour did not change.
  • Resistance - to 50% Sulphuric Acid - result after 16 hours - no effect
  • Resistance - to 10% Acetic Acid - result after 16 hours - no effect
  • Resistance - to 10% Nitric Acid - result after 16 hours - very slight darkening of colour
  • Resistance - to 2% Tide Solution in water - result after 16 hours - no effect
  • Resistance - to accelerated weathering - result after 500 hours - the middle brown showed no change in colour and no loss of gloss.

ON BLOCKWORK: Emalux may be applied direct to neatly pointed fair-faced blockwork. This will give an utilitarian type finish since the outline of the blocks will naturally show. This method does however cut costs and is very practical in certain circumstances. It is important where this finish is envisaged to eliminate the extensive use of lime in the mortar,

ON COLOURS: We have a wide range of basic colours to choose from (see our colour card). Alternatives or variations on these colours may be specified by arrangement and we recommend the use of British Standard range of colours for convenient reference. Certain shades are difficult to match exactly in the materials we use do that some tolerance should therefore be allowed.

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